Monthly Soul Circles



Learn tools to promote more self-awareness and self-love, all while connecting with your self and others

Soul Circles encompass a discussion based sharing circle focused on a recovery related topic, journaling and thoughtful contemplation on the topic, followed by a 30 minute movement practice involving yoga, breathwork and meditation.

The next Soul Circle is: Tuesday April 19th at 8pm

Stay tuned for upcoming monthly Soul Circle dates, 1:1 coaching and retreats

My monthly Soul Circles are an opportunity to connect with community, carve out time for intentional self-care, share your thoughts, feelings + emotions, and move the body in a safe and inclusive space.

You deserve this time for yourself.

Say “yes” to an evening of checking IN with yourself and your body, instead of checking out.

I have found my best healing and growth in community. I believe that connecting with others who have experienced similar things can help you to feel less alone. When we practice sharing pieces of ourselves vulnerably we cultivate more courage in our lives, and we open ourselves up to new opportunities to form connections.

What’s included:

  • Short grounding practice and meditation to arrive into the space

  • Education on a topic to promote self-awareness, growth, self-care and recovery of all forms (topics may include acceptance, releasing shame, self-love, goal setting)

  • An opportunity to share openly and honestly about how you connect with the topic and how it relates to your life. There is always an option to pass and just listen.

  • Guided journaling practice to dive deeper into the topic discussed.

  • A 30 minute movement practice.

Is your body and mind calling for a deeper connection?

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More details

When is it?

Soul Circles are offered monthly on Tuesday nights from 8-9:30pm

Where is it?

Online via Zoom, link is sent to your email the day of the event.

What to bring?

  • Yoga mat, blanket and/or meditation pillow

  • Comfortable clothes

  • Space to move your body

  • An open mind and your favourite nourishing beverage


Each Soul Circle is $20 and 3-month access to Circles is included when you purchase a package of 1:1 Coaching Sessions with me!

How to Register

Sign up via Calendly below, feel free to DM me on Instagram or send me an email if you have any questions.

Are you ready?

Say “yes” to time for yourself , say “yes” to moving your body in a way that feels good and nourishing, say “yes” to a deeper connection with Self and others


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